Quality Control Unit (SKM)

SKM has the following tasks:

  1. Develop quality standards for work units and together with Quality Control Groups (GKM) at the level of study programs prepare quality standards for each activity in the work unit concerned.
  2. Coordinating, facilitating, and motivating GKM to develop standard operational procedures (standard operational procedures) for each activity carried out.
  3. Together the GKM motivates the implementers of the activities to carry out their activities in accordance with the standard operational procedures of the relevant activities.
  4. Carry out evaluation or measurement of quality achieved by the work unit and motivate the executor of the activity (GKM) to carry out an evaluation or measurement of the quality of the results of the activity, as well as carrying out continuous quality improvement measures.
  5. Periodically report the implementation of work unit quality assurance for each quality period to the Director of SPs UPI.

The Quality Control Groups (GKM)

GKM has the following tasks:

  1. Develop academic quality standards at the study program level;
  2. Arrange SOP for each academic activity and monitor its implementation;
  3. Periodically monitoring every academic activity and evaluating or measuring quality and its follow-up for continuous improvement and quality improvement.
  4. Periodically measuring the level of student satisfaction, tracer studies, customer satisfaction and follow-up to continuous improvement and quality improvement.
  5. Periodically make reports and report on quality assurance at the study program level to the Director through SKM