The Graduate School Commission (SPs Commission) is a supporting unit that represents the knowledge groups of various study programs within the faculty. The SPs Commission consists of 8 members who represent lecturers from various scientific fields in SPs whose task is to evaluate academic activities at SPs which include (1) new student admissions; (2) the feasibility of a student’s dissertation before being submitted for a trial (open or closed); and (3) giving consideration to various other academic policies.


The SPs Commission works under the direction of and reports directly to the SPs Director. In carrying out its duties, the SPs commission coordinates with the Deputy Director for Academic and Student Affairs. The SPs Commission consists of SPs lecturers with the functional position of Professor / Head Lector at least with a doctoral degree who is a representative of each faculty. The membership of the SPs commission is determined through the UPI Chancellor’s Decree.

Main Duties and Functions

The UPI SPs Commission has the following main duties and functions.

  • Establish dissertation eligibility assessment criteria.
  • Assessing the feasibility of the dissertation as a requirement for the completion of the UPI SPs S3 Study Program.
  • Conduct a study on the quality of the dissertation and report it regularly every year to the SPs Leaders.
  • Give consideration in the development of academic programs and services at SPs.

Work Procedure

To carry out its duties effectively, the UPI SPs Commission holds periodic or scheduled meetings as needed.

Dissertation Review Process

One of the main tasks of the UPI SPs Commission is to review the feasibility of the dissertation. The dissertation review process is carried out for a maximum of 14 working days following the stages shown by the following flow chart.