Master in Arts Education

Master in Arts Education

General Information


Study Program


Master Program in Art Education

Study Program Management Unit


The School of Postgraduate Studies of Universitas  Pendidikan Indonesia



Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi No. 299 Bandung




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Date of Study Program Establishment


08 June 2005

Number: 3047/J33/PP.03.02/2005,

Extension of Operating License by Decree   Number: 3810/H40/DT/2010 dated 16 June 2010 

Recent Accreditation Rank


A (score: 366), based on the Decree number:

010/BAN-PT/Ak-X/S2/VII/201227 July   2012

Quality Management System


: ISO 9001:2008, No.: 01 100 106374, 18 December 2014 (Accredited by TUV RheinlandCert GmbH)

Degree Title Awarded


M.Pd. (Magister Pendidikan Seni)

Admission Requirements


A Bachelor’s Degree GPA of 2.75; a TOEFL score of 450 or its equivalents, and Passing the English  and Academic Aptitude Tests

Length of Study


5 Years (10 Semesters)

Total Credit Requirements



Graduation Requirements


A Minimum GPA of 2.75,  A TOEFL score of 475,  Art Education Publication in a Journal or Proceeding of International Seminar

Further Education


Doctoral Degree in Art Education or its equivalents

Art Education Master Program of Indonesia University of Education was established in 2005 based on Operating License approved by Higher Education General Directorate with Decree   Number: 3810/H40/DT/2010. This program is established to meet the needs of practitioners and experts to develop Art Education, who have adequate knowledge about Art Education, ability to adapt and skill to solve more complicated problems about Arts and Art Education faced by Art Education.

Art Education Master Program consistently and continuously implements various improvement in Arts and Art Education as an effort to support UPI program focusing on education. In its organization, Master Program of Art Education Study Program consistently refers to UPI programs and policy, either in academic or non-academic aspects. Besides that, Art Education Master Program responds actively various development and public demand in local, regional and global levels.

Magister Pendidikan Seni (M.Pd) aims at preparing the students to be educators, thinkers, researchers, developers and practitioners of Art Education who have: (a) extensive knowledge and great attention on Art Education in all dimensions; (2) deep skill mastery in education field; and (3) ability to research, develop, plan and organize Art Education and spread science and technology in Art Education field and its related aspects.

Learning outcomes expected from Art Education Study Program of UPI Postgraduate School include various competences as following here:


Learning Outcomes

Teaching and Learning Approach


1.    The students will be able to analyze and synthesize the content and pedagogy of Art Education critically, systematically and continuously.   

Discussion, critical analysis, research-based learning, project-based learning, collaborative learning, cooperative learning and independent learning.

Special Skill

2.   The students will be able to create innovation in Art Education curriculum, teaching and achievement assessment.

Critical analysis, independent learning, mini-research, presentation

1.      The students will be able to apply their knowledge and innovation in teaching and learning practice, and Art Education development.  

Project-based learning, collaborative learning, cooperative learning, independent learning, teaching practice and presentation.

2.       The students will be able to conduct research to improve knowledge in Art Education field and the quality of Art Education through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches.

Critical analysis, project-based learning, research-based learning, mini-research, collaborative learning, cooperative learning and independent learning.

Communication Skill

3.    The students will be able to disseminate research findings and innovation in Art Education field in national and international level.

Critical analysis, independent learning, mini-research, seminar, article and report writing

Organization Skill  

4.   The students will be able to organize Art Education development programs and practices.

Critical analysis, independent learning, mini-research, and teaching practice. 


5.   The students will be able to cooperate, have leadership, care and responsibility to improve Art Education quality based on scientific behavior and values.  

Critical analysis, independent learning, mini-research, teaching practice and group work

Long-life Learning Skill

6.  The students will be able to gain learning skills, process the information and use ICT as basis of self-development and long-life learning.

Critical analysis, independent learning, and mini-research

The required course group and total credits for the students of the Master’s Degree in Art Education Study Program are listed in the following table:


Course Group

Total Credits




Foundations of Art Education




Expertise in Art Education









Research in Art Education (Thesis)







This program is a master program having subject activities in which research component is its main project. 

Assessment of each subject is based on UPI Academic Guide. The components of assessment are documented in syllabus and subject unit of such subject, and this assessment reflects the students’ learning achievement and program content achievement as form of curriculum implementation. The components of learning achievement assessment are by mid-test and final test. Such components include assignments in form of individual/ group presentation, performance, portfolio, mini-research, research report and essay writing.

In addition to subject assessment, teaching and learning process is assessed by qualification test to determine whether the students have qualification or deserved to continue the lecturing or not. The students can take this test if they have minimum TOEFL score by 475. The materials of qualification test include pedagogical content, social content and research method. The students are considered to pass the test if they have minimum score by 2.75. For those who have not got such score are allowed to take remedial test, a month after first qualification test. The students who have not passed the second qualification test are considered dropped out from the program.

Master thesis completion is required for master degree. The process of thesis writing is started with research proposal supervised by supervision lecturers and followed by thesis proposal seminar reviewed by three lecturers. During thesis completion, the students will take Thesis Testing (thesis defense) divided into Thesis Testing 1 (first thesis defense) and Thesis Testing 2 (second thesis defense).

The followings are some research fields that are possible for the thesis:

  1. Art Education
  2. Arts
  3. Art and Technology
  4. Local Wisdom and Art Education
  5. Local Wisdom in Art
  6. Art Education Curriculum Study
  7. Teacher professional development
  8. Art Education Policy
  9. Student Support

The curriculum of Art Education Study Program is implemented systematically and coherently, either internal (among the curriculum components) or external (related to work field). The members of faculty are directed to organize their lecturers by optimizing the students’ potency based on their attitude and behavior in line with lofty character local wisdom. The lecturers help the students to achieve learning output and improve academic culture development.

Various student services have been developed to enable the students to reach the best learning achievement and graduate in time. Such services are language course and workshop about scientific writing, research proposal and thesis which are organized once a year.

Besides that, there is Student Communication Forum that enables the students, among Academic Years and study programs, to interact with and share ideas. This forum gives opportunity for the students to organize various academic and social activity as well.

Accordion Content

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