Center of Scientific Publication and Development

Center for Scientific Publication and Development is a supporting unit whose task is to assist the Director of the School of Prostgraduate Studies (SPs) in managing the journal and scientific publication of students and lecturers. The center for Scientific Publication and Development is led by a chairman and a secretary, with the following tasks:

  1. Ensuring the fulfillment of the publication requirements of master and doctorate students;
  2. Managing scientific journals, including collecting articles that are suitable to be published in reputable national/international journals, organizing the process of publishing national scientific journals regularly, and maintaining publication data in accordance with applicable archival regulations;
  3. Carrying out activities that can increase the capacity of lecturers and students in scientific work and publish their results in reputable national/international journals;
  4. Developing a network to expand cooperation and access to the scientific publication for lecturers and students.

Provision of Scientific Publication

Students of SPs UPI must comply with the following publishing requirements:

  1. Articles must be published with the provisions of the authorship and affiliation as follows:
    • 1st Author: student with SPs UPI affiliation. It can also be accompanied by another affiliation of the original institution;
    • Co-Outhor: thesis supervisors/ promoters with SPs UPI affiliates (;
    • Correspondence author: thesis supervisor/promoter with SPs UPI affiliation (
  1. The article is written with a systematic writing style imposed by the organizer of the journal / proceeding to the destination;
  2. The article to be sent must first be reviewed by the guiding team as co-author;
  3. Articles to be sent must be ensured to not contain elements of plagiarism;
  4. The types and publishers of student scientific publications are regulated in accordance with the 2019 UPI Education Organization Guidelines
  5. All correspondence related to article submission must be well documented.

Submission of Publication Letters

Submission of publication letters is made ONLINE through INTEGRATED SERVICE SYSTEMS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNI SPs UPI through the page: