Academic Staffs Expertise of Sport Science Education (Master and Doctoral Program)

1 Prof. Dr. Nurlan Kusmaedi, M.Pd Professor Sport, Recreation, and Health Education
2 Prof. Dr. Beltasar Tarigan, MS, AIFO Professor Sport Philosophy and Pedagogic
3 Prof. Dr. Adang Suherman, M.A Professor Sport Pedagogic
4 Prof. Dr. Herman Subarjah, M.Si Professor Sport Education, Sport Psychology, Badminton Coaching
5 Prof. Dr. Yudha M Saputera, M.Ed Professor Sport Pedagogic, Sport Management
6 Dr. Amung Ma’mun, M.Pd Associate Professor Sport Policy and Development
7 Mustika Fitri, M.Pd, Ph.D Assisstant Professor Sport Sociology dan Pedagogic, Sport Management
8 Dr. Yusup Hidayat, M.Si Associate Professor Sport Psychology / Sport Pedagogy
9 Dr. Yunyun Yudiana, M.Pd Associate Professor Sport Pedagogy
10 Dr. Yudy Hendrayana, M.Kes. Associate Professor Sport Pedagogy
11 Dr. Yadi Sunaryadi, M.Pd. Associate Professor Sport Biomechanics dan motor learning
12 Dr. Ucup Yusuf, M.Kes., AIFO Associate Professor Basic Medical Science/ Sport Physiology
13 Dr. Tatang Mukhtar, M.Pd Associate Professor Value and Character Education
14 Dr. Surdiniaty Ugelta, M.Kes. AIFO Associate Professor Physiology / Sport Recreation / Ritmic activities
15 Dr. Sandey Tantra Paramitha, S.Si., M.Pd. Assisstant professor Sport Recreation
16 Dr. Nuryadi, M.Pd. Associate Professor Sport Pedagogy, Sport Policy
17 Dr. Nur Indri Rahayu. M.Ed. Assisstant Professor Sport Pedagogy / Sport Management


Dr. Mulyana, M.Pd Associate Professor Pendidikan Olahraga, Physical Conditioning
20 Dr. Komarudin, M.Pd. Associate Professor Evaluasi & Sport Psychology
21 Dr. Jajat Drajat, M.Kes. AIFO Assisstant Professor Sport Medicine
22 Dr. dr. Imas Damayanti, M.Kes. Assisstant Professor Sport Medicine , Sport Physiology


Dr. Hj. Tite Juliantine, M.Pd Associate Professor Sport Pedagogy
25 Dr. Hj. Nina Sutresna, M.Pd. Associate Professor Sport Sociology
26 Dr. Helmy Firmansyah, M.Pd. Assisstant Professor Sport Pedagogy
27 dr. Hamidie Ronald Daniel Ray, M.Pd.Ph.D. Assisstant Professor Sport Physiology / Sport Medicine, Sport Biochemistry
28 Dr. H. Yunyun Yudiana, M.Pd. Associate Professor Sport Pedagogy
29 Dr. Eka Nugraha, M.Kes. Associate Professor Physiology- Sport Pedagogy, Sport Coaching
30 Dr. Dikdik Zafar Sidik, M.Pd Associate Professor Sport Coaching
31 Dr. R. Boyke Mulyana, M.Pd. Associate Professor Coaching Science, Sport Biomechanics
32 Dr. Berliana, M.Pd. Associate Professor Sport Sosiology (Gender), Sport Pedagogy
33 Dr. Bambang Abduljabar, M.Pd Associate Professor Sport Pedagogy and Human Movement Studies
34 Dr. Agus Mahendra, M.A. Assisstant Professor Sport Pedagogy dan Physical Education, Motor Learning
35 Agus Rusdiana, Ph.D Assisstant Professor Biomechanics of Sport