Academic Staffs Expertise of History Education (Master and Doctoral Program)

1 Prof. Dr. Rochiyati Wiriatmadja, MA. Professor Value in History Education
2 Prof.Dr. Hamid Hasan, M.A Professor History Curriculum and Learning
3 Prof. Dr. Helius Syamsuddin, M.A Professor Methodology and Theories of History
4 Prof. Dr. Nana Supriatna, Med. Professor History and Its learning
5 Dr. Agus Mulyana, MHum. Associate Professor Indonesia History and Historiography of text books
6 Prof. Dr. Didin Saripuddin, MSi. Associate Professor Sociology and Anthropology
7 Dr. Leli Yulifar, MPd. assistant Professor Local History and History learning
8 Dr. Erlina Wiyanarti, MPd. Associate Professor Social Science Education
9 Dr. Encep Supriatna, MPd. Assistant Professor Social Science Education
10 Dr. Murdiyah Winarti, MHum. Associate Professor Social Science Education
11 Dr. Isrok’atun, MSi. Assistant Professor Mathematics/AStatistics Education