Academic Staffs Expertise Early Childhood Education (Master Program)

Academic Staffs Expertise
Early Childhood Education (Master PROGRAM)
1 Dr. Ocih Setiasih, M.Pd Associate Professor Curriculum and learning in early childhood education
2 Dr. Ernawulan Syaodih, M.Pd Associate Professor Learning, evaluation, and guiding for early childhood
3 Vina Adriany, M.Ed., Ph.D Assistant Professor Gender in Early childhood Education, Critical theories in Early Childhood, Developmental Psychology
4 Dr. Mubiar Agustin, M.PD Associate Professor Guide and Counseling in Early Childhood, Multiple intelligence, Teachers’ soft skills
5 Dr. Heny Djohaeny, M.Si. Associate Professor Curriculum, learning and Communication in Early Childhood Education
6 Dr. Euis Kurniati, M.Pd. Associate Professor Traditional games, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Guiding for Early Childhood
7 Dr. Rudiyanto, M.Si Associate Professor Curriculum and Management in Early Childhood Education
8 Dr. Badru Zaman, M.Pd. Assistant Professor Learning models, Media for Early childhood Learning
9 Yeni Rahmawati, M.Pd., Ph.D Assistant Professor Creativity, Parenting, Character Education, Multicultural Education
10 Hani Yulindrasari, M.GendSt., Ph.D Assistant Professor Gender in Early Childhood Education, Critical Theories in Early Childhood, Developmental Psychology, Socio-Politics in Education
11 Dr. Phil Lely Kurniawati Assistant Professor Music and Art for Early Childhood
12 Dr. Dr. Nur Faizah Romadona, M.Kes Assistant Professor Health for Early childhood
13 Dr. Aan Listiana, MPd. Assistant Professor Social emotions of Children