Visions and Missions


“Obtaining International Recognition in the Administration of Postgraduate Education in the Field of Education Science, Pure Science Education, and Professional Education at the Asian Level in 2025”


The missions carried out by the SPs UPI are:

  1. Organizing magister program education for bachelor degree graduates or equivalent programs to produce graduates capable of practicing and developing science and technology through scientific reasoning and research;
  2. Organizing Doctoral programs for master degree graduates or equivalent to produce graduates who can discover, create, and contribute to the development and practice of science and technology through reasoning and scientific research;
  3. Organizing professional education for graduates of bachelor degree programs or equivalent to produce graduates to become professional teachers;
  4. To carry out qualified and productive research to be published at national and international scientific publications;
  5. To carry out research-based community service that can make a real contribution to the progress of society;
  6. Expanding networks with national and international scientific communities;
  7. To carry out management that supports the creation of qualified education, research, and community service environment of regional and global quality.