Magister of Computer Science Edication

Master of Computer Science Education Program


Becoming the leading and outstanding Master of Computer Science/Informatics Education Program nationally and internationally.

Lecturers and Staffs

All the lecturers of the Master of Computer Science Education Program are permanent UPI lecturers with a Doctoral degree in Computer Science Education and Computer Science. There are 9 lecturers in this program with qualifications are Professor, Head Lector, and Lector.


The curriculum structure of the Master of Computer Science Education Program is designed in 4 semesters as many as 38 credits consisting of 6 credits of expertise foundation courses, 6 credits of Postgraduate expertise courses, 14 credits of Study Program expertise courses, 8 credits of concentration choice courses, and 6 credit of Thesis. The following are the courses offered.

  • Pedagogical Foundation
  • Philosophy
  • Computational Thinking
  • Multimedia
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Pedagogy
  • Innovation of Computer Science Curriculum Development
  • Research of Information and Computer Technology
  • E-learning and Learning Media
  • Compendium Didactic Computer
  • Educational Management Information System
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Open and Distance Learning
  • Network Application Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Expert and Decision-Making System
  • Coding and Extreme Programming


  • Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Control Robotics, AI and IoT Laboratory
  • Multimedia and Design Laboratory
  • Computer and Network System Laboratory
  • Big Data Analysis Laboratory
  • Information System Laboratory
  • Microteaching Laboratory
  • Mathematic, Informatics and Electronic Laboratory
  • General Laboratory
  • Laboratory Practicum

Graduates Competencies

  1. Educationalist

Graduates have competencies to educate, teach, supervise, train, evaluate and develop the educational and learning process

  • Professional

Graduates have competencies to work in the industry, particularly in computer science field as a programmer, multimedia designer, networking application and in the educational industry.

  • Technopreneur

Graduates have the competencies to work individually by building a hi-tech innovation technology utilizing their skills and knowledge in education and computer science.

  • Study Further

Graduates who want to study further for a doctoral program.


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