Hello outstanding friends, let’s take part in the Asian Practice Exchange which will be held on August 23, 2023 at UPI. opportunities are opened by teachers from abroad. let’s not miss this opportunity! Book now here –> click here

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MoA between SPs and FSE NDHU

The signing of the collaboration between SPs and FSE NDHU in a public lecture with the theme “Innovative Research in educational technology”. signed after the event. Hopefully it will give a significant positive impact in the world of education.

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Studium Generale : Innovative Research in Educational Tecnology

Public lectures are held today, in collaboration with the Center for Excellence of lesson and learning studies (CELLS). Prof. Hwang Wu Yuin, Ph.D. As a keynote speaker delivering interesting material. this event was also directly sponsored by the director of the Postgraduate School Prof. Dr. Shihabuddin. M.Pd.

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