Master in Sociology Education

Master in Sociology Education

General Information

Name of the Study ProgramThe Study Program of Sociology Education
Management Unit of the Study ProgramThe School of Postgraduate Studies

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

AddressJl. Dr. Setiabudi 229 Bandung 40154
Homepage and e-mail and
Date of establishment25 September 2012 dan 3 Oktober 2012

Decree number: 6034/ UN40/DT/2012 and 6216/UN40/DT/2012

Recent accreditation rankB
Quality management system 
Degree title awardedM.Pd (Magister Pendidikan) [Equivalent to Master in Education]
Admission requirementsBachelor’s Degree GPA of 2.75

A TOEFL score of 450

Length of study2 Years (4 Semesters)
Total credit requirements41
Graduation requirementsA Minimum GPA of 2.75, A TOEFL score of 450. Scientific Publication in a Journal or Proceeding of National/International Seminar
Further educationQualified to apply for admission to Doctoral Study or Professional Education


Since its establishment in 2012, the Study Program of Sociology Education master degree has been committed to Organizes Sociology education master’s degree with academic oriented aligned with the development of science and community development to produce Sociology master’s degree and professional researchers. In dealing with global competition, individuals with educational skills are increasingly supported to play their role in developing community with teaching and learning at school and university levels in Indonesia.

Along with the new trends in the progress of time, sociology education Study Program provides students with a variety of experiences that allow them to expand their view of life in the community at the graduate level. In addition, the Study Program fosters the students to explore further academic, scientific and professional opportunities.

The aim of The Study Program is four folded:

  1. Produce Educational Sociology master’s degree who have academic ability and professional
  2. Generate a model learning of sociology that fits with needs and learning innovations in school/college.
  3. Generate various forms of cooperation and networking in the order of organizing and developing Education Master of Education sociology and analysis of the needs of the community.
  4. Meet the needs of the community in the field of training, upgrading, and learning consulting services in the field of Educational sociology.

The holder of this certificate has the following competences:

  1. Demonstrate mastery of sociology concepts and theories in line with the development of knowledge, technology, and arts
  2. Analyse theories of sociology pedagogy and learning which cover models, methods, media, assessment, and curriculum.
  3. Apply theories of pedagogy and sociology in sociology learning
  4. Apply appropriate research methods to conduct research in sociology learning to develop sociology education.
  5. Communicate the results of research in both national and international fora and journals.
  6. Demonstrate a sense of responsibility to perform learning and other related professional tasks
I.   Prerequisite Courses (Aanvullen)*     
1.SO201Sociology of Education3 x  
2.SO401Classical Sociological Theory3x   
3.SO412Indigenous Peoples of Indonesia3  x 
4.SO500Learning and Teaching Sociology3  x 
II.  Core Courses :     
A.  Course Platform Expertise     
1.PS602Research Method3 X  
B.  Subjects Of Expertise     
1.PS611Philosophy Of Science2X   
2.PS701The Cornerstone Of Pedagogy2 X  
C.  Subjects Of Expertise     
1.SO601Foundations and Theory of Sociology Education2X   
2.SO602Development and Critical Study of Theories of Sociology Post Modern3X   
3.SO603Critical Analysis Of Socio-Cultural Change3 X  
4.SO604Localism, Globalism in Sociology Education3 X  
5.SO605Development Models and Learning Media of  Sociology2X   
6.SO606Sociology Education Curriculum and Assessment2X   
III. Elective coursesSubjects Of Expertise     
1SO701The development of Sociology Classical theories3 X  
2SO702The development of Sociology Modern theories3 X  
3SO703Analysis of Critical Sociology Education in Educational Sociology2   X 
4SO704Demographics and Sociology of Environmental2  X 
5SO705Study of Social Psychology in Sociology Education2  X 
6SO706The development of the rural community, city and the industry in Sociology Education3 X  
7SO707Sociology Education in Multicultural Society3   X 
8SO708Gender Perspective in Sociology Education3  X 
9SO709Ethno-Pedagogic In Sociology Education

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2  X 
10SO710Issues in the Study of sociology2  X 
11SO711Innovations in the Learning of  Sociology3   X 
12SO712Local Wisdom in Indonesia Community2  X 
13SO713Study of Text Book3  X 
14SO714Capita Selekta Sociology3  X 
15SO715Sociology of Education Research Seminar2  X 
Total Elective courses10-11037-8 
 SO798Thesis6  X 
The total of crd Thesis6    
Total credits for student’s educational background plot41-4214147-86
Total credits for student’s educational background is not a plot (including Aanvullen)53-5414147-86



*)All students must take 10 credit hours of all credit hours provided.

Sociology education study program master degree has curriculum who systematically and coherently implemented, not only internally (among the component of curriculum), but also externally (in relation to the field of teaching or community). The study program members (lecturer and staff) are directed to manage and to produce their student potentials on the basis of attitudes and behaviors which are in line with norm and values prevailing in the community. The lecture are developed in an attempt of helping student to achieve (learning outcomes) and developed the ability of students to become educators and researchers in the field of sociology.

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