Academic Staffs Expertise of Geography Education (Master and Doctoral Program)

1 Prof. Dr. Enok Maryani, MS Professor Human Geography
2 Prof. Dr. Darsihardjo, MS Professor Geography of Resources
3 Prof. Dr. Dede Rohmat, MT Professor Water Resources Conservation
4 Prof. Dr. Wanjat Kastolani, M.Pd. Professor Environmental Geography
5 Prof. Dr. Dede Sugandi, MS Professor Social Science Education and Learning Resources
6 Dr. Mamat Ruhimat,M.Pd. Associate Professor Assessment in Geography Education
7 Dr. Epon Ningrum, M.Pd. Associate Professor Geography Learning
8 Dr. Ahmad Yani, MS. Associate Professor Curriculum and  Geography Learning
9 Dr. LILI SOMANTRI, S.Pd., M.Si. Assistant Professor Remote Sensing
10 Dr.rar.nat. Nandi, MT, MS. Associate Professor Geography Engineering