Academic Staffs Expertise of Elementary Education (Master and Doctoral Program)

1 Prof.Udin Syaefudin Sa’ud, Ph.D Professor Elementary Education Management, Integration Learning Models, Strategic Management in Elementary School
2 Prof. Dr. H. Tatang Herman, M.Ed. Professor Learning methods and Strategies, Contemporer Mathematics, Reasoning and Thinking Mathematics in elementary school.
3 Prof. Dr. Rahman, M.Pd. Professor Models of Learning in Elementary school, Strategic management in Elementary Education, reading and writing Literacy in Elementary school
4 Dr. Ernawulan Syaodih, M.Pd. Associate Professor Teaching and Learning and Assessment in Elementary School
5 Dr. paed. Wahyu Sopandi, M.A. Associate Professor Models of Science Learning at the elementary school.
6 Prof. Tatat Hartati, M.Ed., Ph.D Professor Literary Appreciation in Elementary School. Psycholinguistics and Indonesian Language learning ain the elementary school. Reading and Writing in Elementary School
7 Dr.H.Mubiar Agustin, M.Pd Associate Professor Multiple Intelegence Development in the elementary student. Teaching and Learning oin the Elementary school
8 Lily Barlia, M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor Science for the Elementary Student
9 Dr. Prana Dwijaiswara, M.Pd. Associate Professor Psycholinguistics and Indonesian language learning in The Rlementary School
10 Dr. Agus Muharam, M.Pd. Associate Professor Strategic management
11 Dr. Karso, M.Pd. Associate Professor Mathematics teaching and Learning
12 Prof. Dr. Wahyudin, M.Pd. Professor Mathematics Teaching and Learning